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20-23 November 2012

Die Kunst der Fuga

20-24 January 2015
Copenhagen (DK): 

Symposium of the Research Project on Organ-Related Keyboard Instruments

Performance and Pedagogy: Lecture-performance: Tempo and metronome in 19th Century music based upon period sources.

Recital in Jesus Church: Between the Church and the Theater, with Clara Thomsen.

14-17 February 2015

Bordeaux: Seminar with Organ Students of Antwerp conservatoire to major instruments. Workshop with Joël-Marie Faucet on 19th Century esthetics

25 February 2015
Antwerp Belgium: 

Antwerp, Vleeshuis Museum, Concert with Marie-Noëlle Bette on Erard Grand and Alexandre Harmonium.

20-21 March 2015
Lyon F: 

Lyon, Study trip. Visits to main organs of Cavaillé-Coll, with the board of Heeligkors Church (Copenhagen), Louis Robillard and Michel Jurine. 

21-24 April 2015
Bergen op Zoom, NL: 

Bergen op Zoom, Sint Gertrudis, Recording of “Abbé Liszt”, with Françoise Masset, Psallentes & Hendrik Vanden Abeele, Guido Deneve a.o.

24 May 2015
Bossut, Belgium: 

Bossut (BE), recital on historical organ. Première of "La primavera de 2015"

24 June 2015
Torre de Juan Abad, Ciudad Real, Castilla La Mancha, Spain: 

Torre de Juan Abad (ES) Organ Concert with Annelies Focquaert, organ, voice and recorder. Première of the duo version "La primavera de 2015"

02-10 July 2015
Royaumont (F): 

Seminar- Résidence on “La Vocalité dans la Musique de Clavier au 19ème Siècle”.