Partita super Christus resurrexit - 1987
Ed. ARS-Series 303

Revised for organ + synthesizer 2005

Commission Lemmensinstituut Leuven
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Die Kunst der Fuga -
Joris Verdin - Compositions & Soundtracks For organ I, I/II, I/II/III, P, except otherwise indicated 19 Seconds, for Midified organ and VST 2018 a nineteen seconds improvisation in a loop A Birch, a lonely Birch 2019 DSP of improvisation, with videotrack A Capella, for four hands or four instruments, 1987 (Commission Muzikon Foundation, Gent) Affettuoso 1998, on four notes with a meaning, revised for organ + synthesizer 2005 I/II/III/P Ed. ARS-Series 305 Air Varié sur les Jeux de Fonds (AFJV) 1997 I/II/III/P Autobahn, for Midified organ and VST 2019 with videotrack Destination 4 Autobahn Codex, for harpsichord 1987 (Commission Muzikon, Gent) Codex un poco Faënza 1995 I/II/P Ed. ARS-Series 302 Codex sopra lafafami 1996 I/II/P Ed. ARS-Series 304 Comentario alegre, en la menor 2015 organ or clavichord I/P Comentario de primero tono 2017 Manualiter I Pedaliter I/P alternativos: Comentario de tercero tono 2017 I/P Comentario para clavicordio trasteado 2017 Comentario de semi corcheas en re menor 2017 organ or clavichord Comentario de semi corcheas en sol menor 2018 organ or clavichord I/P Conductus primus 2010 Organ Spanish organ Piano Midified organ El sueño de Enrique 2009 for organ and solo instrument Emoticon, Marcia Funebre 2017 I/P Falsas y Zambomba 2015 For harmonium four hands, in: Nieuwe Muziek voor Harmonium, Ed. Harmonium Vereniging Nederland Fantasia 1988 Organ solo II/P and string orchestra, revised and longer version of Pièce Légère Fantasía de Quinto Tono, un poco como una Batalla, compuesta para el Órgano de Torre de Juan Abad, Ed. DOBLINGER Wien, Nuovi Fiori Musicali, New Music for Historical Organs, 2009 IDEA 2, 2017 with videotrack looking through the train window for VST and DSP Very Little Waltz, title music for TV series Sanseveria (1990 - 1997) Meditation, Elegy, to the memory of a little friend 2015 For organ or physharmonica, part of The Müller Trilogy, compositions by Wannes Vander Hoeven and Marie-Noëlle Bette Mein Wallfahrt ich vollendet hab’ 2016 Choral to the memory of John Scott, Commission for the „Orgelbüchlein Project, completing Bach’s plan“ II/P Organetto 1982 Suite of 7 Pieces, partly using flexible wind.II/P ed. ARS-Series 306 Partita super Christus resurrexit 1987 (Commission Lemmensintituut Leuven) rev for organ + synthesizer 2005 III/P ed. ARS-Series 303 Pedal Preludes Pedal Prelude nr 1, for a cold church, ped/man Pedal Prelude nr 2 Dos amigas a due, organo pedaliter o dos bajos Dos amigas, a due con armonia, organo pedaliter Dos amigos a due organo pedaliter o dos bajos Dos amigos, a due con armonia, organo pedaliter Dos amigos, harmonium Pedal prelude nr 3 andante comodo Pedal prelude nr 5 allegro metallico Pièce Légère 1986 (commission Conservatorium Antwerpen) I/II/P ed. ARS-Series 301 PLOTS/Z Theatre music for group Dito-Dito, Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg 1989, Tape recording, disappeared. Prelude to Affettuoso 2018 for sampled grand (Fazioli) with videotrack Destination 2 Prelude to Affettuoso - not leaving Atocha Primavera de 2015, Serenata y Danza Organo manualiter Organo pedaliter Organo con solo o con tercera mano Rondó alegre 2016 con imagines musicales de la gente de Torre de Juan Abad Scordatura 1987 (commission Muzikon, Gent) for organ or harpsichord ed. ARS-Series 305 Sarabande, slow waltz for organ (Commission Belgian Radio 1987) Sequenza, ma non troppo, for Midified organ and VST (2005) replay of the improvisation on 2 February 2002 at 22:22 Solmisatio, soprano e organo 1987 (Commission Royal Conservatoire Antwerpen) 2a versione Fagotto e organo T per O (1985), for organ and solo Alternative title: Tango para Órgano, cinco al compás Tiento noveno tono, a Juli in memoriam 2013 manualiter with videotrack Destination 1 Tiento noveno tono - Leaving Atocha Tres pequeñas piezas 2011 para órgano español a quatro manos sobre el proverbio flamenco ‘después de la lluvia viene el sol’ I/II/P The Way to the Grand Café 2019 with videotrack Destination 3 The Way to the Grand Café The Wind 2019 Performed on Debierre Organ 1870 with flexible wind On a poem by Samuel Coleridge with videotrack Discography Christian von Blohn: Splendid Silbermann, Oehms Classics, OC 1705 (Organetto) 64 Feet: Miniatures, Champdaction Recordings 2014 (Codex sopra lafafami - Tres pequeñas Piezas) Jean Ferrard: Four Centuries of Belgian Organ Music Cypres 7507 (Organetto) John Scott Whiteley: The English Cathedral Series Vol XV Regent B001IRFVM6 (Organetto) Joris Verdin: El Sueño de Enrique CD 3-4/502 (2009) Joris Verdin: Selected Organ Works CD 3-4/503 (2010) Joris Verdin: Organ Works, L’Orgue Contemporain II Ricercar 233442 -