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August Reinhard by Tine Van Parys, Marie-Noëlle Bette & Joris Verdin

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August Reinhard: Chamber music for harmonium, piano and cello

Trios for Cello, Piano and Harmonium, Sonates for Piano and Harmonium, Sonatinas for Harmonium. Première recording on period instruments. 2-CD set coming out February 2019. Gallo Harmonium Reference Series.



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IBAN: BE16 0003 2550 0674

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A Sunday in Paris​

LRCD-1126-27 Experience how a Parisian would have heard the harmonium on a typical Sunday in the 19th Century.

CD1 Music for choir and harmonium "in the church" with the Chola Cantorum of Christ Church, Rochester, NY, conducted by Stephen Kennedy

CD2 "Salon concert" featuring secular harmonium solomusic played by Joris Verdin on the historical Mustel instrument of Eastman School of Music, Rochester University.

Abbé Liszt

Le Bricoleur, Harmonia Mundi, with Psallentes conducted by Hendrik Vanden Abeele, Françoise Masset, Guido de Neve, Aurélie Guerreiro Viegas

CD1 Rare organ works at the Dalstein-Haepfer organ of Saint-Sébastien, Nancy

CD2 Works for female voices, harmonium, violin and harp. 

Abraham Van de Kerckhoven: Major Organ Works

At the historical organ of Broechem (Belgium), with Capilla Flamenca, conducted by Dirk Snellings

Naxos 8.555809

Flemish Organ Treasures vol 2

Adriaen Willaert Vespro della Beata Vergine Ric 325

The ricercares published in separate voices are extremely well made for organ performance. The art of playing from voice-books has disappeared since centuries. This makes a transcription in "tabulatura" or "score" necessary. The result is contrapuntal structure reaching the "Art of Fugue" quality.

Alexandre Guilmant Septième Sonate, Willis Organ Dundalk

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dundalk, Willis RIC 267

Alexandre Guilmant-Jacques Nicolas Lemmens Pièces pour harmonium

RIC 206252 MU/750

Selection of concert pieces by Guilmant and his teacher Lemmens

Alexandre Guilmant: Marche Funèbre et Chant Séraphique, Fantaise pour l'orgue opus 17.

CD with Georges Lartigau and Kurt Lueders at the Puget of Saint-Amas, Rodez (F)

Charles-Marie Widor Symphonies 1-4, Orgue Cavaillé-Coll de Royaumont

Symphonies opus 13, first edition, Ric 286 (2 CDs)

Clemens non Papa (c1510-c1556), Priest and Bon Vivant Etcetera

Organ pieces upon vocal compositions

Consentu Melodiae Mathias Vanden Gheyn

Selection of preludes and verses.

KU Leuven 96-01

César Franck Organ Works: Oeuvres Posthumes et Inédites Saint-Omer Cavaillé-Coll

Pièces posthumes 1905, Andantino, Pièce en La Majeur, Pièce en mi bémol

César Franck — Father of the Organ Symphony

Fugue State Films FSFDVD009

Joris Verdin demonstrates how to play Franck's music in an historical informed manner, both at the organ and the harmonium. In collaboration with Eric Lebrun, David-Noël Hudson a.o..

César Franck, Intégrale de l'œuvre d'orgue

RIC 223

Performed at the Cavaillé-Coll organs of Rouen-St Ouen, San Sebastian-Santa Maria del Coro, Azkoitia Santa Maria. Implementation of metronome marks by Franck.

César Franck, L'œuvre d'harmonium - Harmonium Works

RIC 213 (2 CDs)

Complete works for harmonium performed on period instruments.

César Franck, Prélude, Fugue et Variation, Offertoires and Pièces Inédites

RIC 075057, with Jos Van Immerseel, Piano Erard 1850

Performed at the Vleeshuis Museum, Antwerp. Harmonium Alexandre.

César Franck: Motets, selection of Pièces Posthumes, and Lefébure-Wely: Meditaciones Religiosas op 122

With Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Johan Duijck, and Jonathan Focquaert, double bass. At the Cavaillé-Coll organs of Saint-Brieuc (F), Gesves (Belgium) and Heverlee-Leuven (Belgium)

Klara MMP 027

César Franck: Pièces Posthumes

Selection of the Pièces Posthumes, ("L'Organiste volume 2") at the Cavaillé-Coll Organ of Saint-Brieuc (F) 1848

ARN 68275

César Franck; 6 Pièces, 3 Pièces, 3 Chorals

Cavaillé-Coll organs of Saint-Ouen (F), San Sebastian an Azkoitia (Spain) RIC 207402


Dulce Retiro

Double CD at the historical organ of Torre de Juan Abad (Spain) Works by Bruna, Cabanillas, Correa de Arauxo, Elias, John Bull and improvisations by Joris Verdin

CD 3-4/501 A&B

El Sueño de Enrique

New and old music at the historical organ of Torre de Juan Abad (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) by Gaspard de la Redondo 1763. Works from Buxheimer Orgelbuch up to new music by Joris Verdin, including the Fantasia edited by Doblinger Wien (Novi Fiori Musicali). Guest performer: Annelies Focquaert, recorder and voice.

Guide des Instruments de Musique Vol II

Ricercar 103, by Jérôme Lejeune. (8 CDs and Book)

Joris Verdin plays the Poïkilorgue (Lefébure-Wely, Harmonium Debain 1860 (Bizet, Berlioz), Harmonicorde (Lefébure-Wely), Cavaillé-Coll 1880 (Bach-Gevaert), Cavaillé-Coll 1857 (Lefébure-Wely), Cavaillé-Coll 1898 (César Franck), Piano-Harmonium (Liszt), Harmonium d'art célesta 1920 (Alphonse Mustel)

Heinrich von Herzogenberg: Die Passion

With the Ex Tempore choir and orchestra conducted by Florian Heyerick. Organ solos (Friedhofskirche Wuppertal-D) and harmonium continuo.


Jacques Nicolas Lemmens: works for solo organ and choir

With Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Johan Duijck. Cavaillé-Coll organs of Caen (F), Heverlee-Leuven (B) and Loret Organ of Arequipa (Peru).

Flemish Organ Treasures vol 7

Johannes Brassart, In Festo Corporis Christi

Ricercar 204

Improvisations at the Orgel der Reformierte Kirche in Rysum (1457-1513), alternating with the Capilla Flamenca

Johannes Priorin, Missa pro Defunctis

Eufoda 1349

Alternatim with the Capilla Flamenca

Joris Verdin Oeuvres d'orgue / Organ Works, ​L'orgue Contemporain II

at the Cavaillé-Coll organs of Saint-Ouen, Rouen (F) and Santa Maria Azkoitia (Spain)

RIC 233442

Joseph Callaerts: Organ Works at St Etienne, Caen

Cavaillé-Coll Caen Saint-Etienne, Heverlee Jezuïetenhuis, Vlaams Radio Koor VRK, Flemish Radio Choir, vzw 3-4 and Orgel in Vlaanderen

Kurt Bikkembergs Choral Works

Vox Temporis CD92 021, with Musa Horti, conducted by Peter Dejans

Original compositions by Kurt BIkkembergs, recorded 1994, at the Van Bever organ 1895, Chapel of Sint-Jan-Berchmanscollege, Brussels.

L'Harmonium Français

RIC 123111

Works by Bizet, Berlioz, Rosini, Lefébure-Wely, Boëllmann, Guilmant, Mouquet, Mustel, played on harmonium Debain 1860 and orgue-célesta 1927. 

L'harmonicorde de Lefébure-Wely Gallo CD 1327

Référence Harmonium vol:2

Complete "Suites pour Harmonicorde" by Lefébure-Wely, on a rare surviving instrument from the 1870s. Performance with implementation of the original registration and expression marks by the composer. Remastering of "Trois suites pour harmonicorde, RIC 163147

L'harmonium de Lemmens et Guilmant GALLO 1328

Remastering of RIC 206252 MU/750. 

L'harmonium de Lemmens et de Guilmant . Gallo CD 1326

Référence Harmonium vol:1

Complete secular works for harmonium by composers, basically known for their organ music for church use. Description: Performance on a rare surviving instrument from the 1870s. Performance with implementation of the original registration and expression marks by the composers

L'harmonium excentrique de Karg-Elert, GALLO 1334

Works for Kunstharmonium, Sonatine nr 2, Intarsien

Remastering 2017 of "The Kunstharmonium"

Lefébure-Wely, Trois Suites pour Harmonicorde

RIC 163147

Première Recording on Harmonicorde Debain

Lefébure-Wely: Six Grands Offertoires op. 35, and selection of Meditaciones Religiosas and L'Organiste Moderne

Cavaillé-Coll Organ of Notre Dame de Bon Secours, Rouen (F)

RIC 253

Manufacture d'orgues Thomas, Joris Verdin plays Abraham van den Kerckhoven

MT 2008/CD 1

at the Jean-Baptiste Le Picard Organ 1737, Vlierbeek, Belgium

Manufacture d'orgues Thomas, Joris Verdin plays Czerny, Rinck & Hesse

RIC 2001/B, 

at the organ of St Sebastien, Stavelot, Belgium 

Musik um 1500: Margarete, Maximilian I


Organ music of Buchner, Isaac alternating with the Capilla Flamenca

Nun klingen sie wieder: Franz Liszt Harmoniumflügel, Piano-Orgue, Piano-Liszt

Camerata, CM-25030, with Erich Hobarth, Violin

Music by Liszt, Berlioz, Wagner, Saint-Saëns on the unique  3-manual instrument by Erard-Alexandre 1853/54

OLIVIER MESSIAEN. Selection of Neuf Meditations sur le Mystère de la Saint Trinité

in CD Verschueren 1891-1991, in collaboration with other organists. At the Verschueren Organ of Sint-Catrien Eindhoven (NL)

Organa Antiqua Italica

selection of historical instruments, in collaboration with several dutch organists. Produced by Radio Netherlands International

KK CD 8906

Orgels van Vlaanderen

RGIP 1991

Compilation CD from the series Flemish Organs, produced by the Flemish Community.

Orgelwerken van Guilmant-Vierne-Widor

KRO-Klassiek, 1987, KK CD 8801

Janjob Remmers plays Guilmant in Erstein, Frans Haagen Vierne in Wihr-au-Val, and Joris Verdin Widor in Mulhouse

Pedro Rimonte Requiem & Sebastiàn Aguilera de Heredia

Etcetera KTC 4018

Organ pieces by Sebastiàn Aguilera de Heredia alternating with the vocal music of his colleague Rimonte

Recorded at the organ of Nuestra Señora de los Olmos, Torre de Juan Abad

Pedro Rimonte, Lamentations for the Holy Week

Etcetera KTC 4009

Organ pieces by Sebastiàn Aguilera de Heredia alternating with the vocal music of his colleague Rimonte

Recorded at the organ of Nuestra Señora de los Olmos, Torre de Juan Abad

Peter Benoit, Vingt Motets

Klara MMP 021, with "Vlaams Radio Koor", Flemish Radio Choir conducted by Vic Nees.

20 sacred vocal pieces with organ and harmonium accompaniment, played on the Cavaillé-Coll organ of Heverlee-Leuven and a Mustel harmonium of the same period.

Rossini, Petite Messe Solenelle

CD Opus 111, OPS 30-123, with Chorus Musicus, Köln, conducted by Christoph Spering

Harmonium part on period instruments, Erard grand and Debain harmonicorde, as performed in 1864

Selected Organ Works Joris Verdin

Compilation CD 2000-2010, ed. vzw3-4

The Historical Organ of Longueville, Flemish and Walloon Organ Treasures, vol 4

CD Klara, Vision-Air, 


Nine major pieces of Peeter Cornet with Gregorian alternative pieces by the Capilla Flamenca

The Kunstharmonium

Vox Temporis CD 92 014

Joris Verdin plays works by Sigfrid KARG-ELERT on Harmonium Victor Mustel 1891 and Orgue-Célesta  Mustel (Kunstharmonium) 1927.

The Organs of Semmerzake and Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium

CD 88 801

18th Century Flemish Organ Music

Compositions of J. Boutmy, D. Raick, Ch. Van Helmont a. o. played on historical Van Peteghem instruments.

The Peter Goltfuss Organ of the Begijnhof Leuven, Belgium

CD 88 806

Flemish music by Cornet, Van de Kerckhoven and anonymous unedited manuscripts of the 18th C., with complementary Spanish parallels. Recorded 1988, previous restoration sound.